Compelling Rogerian Argument Essay Topics to Consider

A Rogerian essay is a type of an argumentative paper that is more diplomatic. In such a paper, the author should present two opposing points of view on a particular issue and come up with a solution that will be a compromise between these two sides. If you don’t know what topic to discuss in your Rogerian argument paper, a list of example topics should help you.

Sample Topics for a Rogerian Argument Essay

  1. Smoking in public places.
  2. The fairness of the election process in the USA.
  3. Tests and experiments on living animals.
  4. The current taxation system in the United States.
  5. A person’s right to ask for euthanasia.
  6. The usage of marijuana and other light drugs for medical purposes.
  7. The ownership of guns and other weapons by ordinary citizens.
  8. The lowering or raising of the legal drinking age.
  9. The appropriate age to gain the right to vote.
  10. The censorship on the Internet.
  11. Marriages between people of the same gender.
  12. The discrimination on grounds of race.
  13. The role of religion in the modern society.
  14. Marketing techniques oriented on children.

Advice on How to Select a Topic for a Rogerian Essay

  • Select a topic that is interesting to you.
    If you pick an issue that you actually care about, you’ll be more likely to conduct a good and deep study on it. This will positively affect your score because your teacher will see that you’re really trying to make a difference proposing your solution.
  • Select a controversial topic.
    You should choose an issue that causes serious discussions and disputes rather than a problem that has only one adequate solution. This way, it’ll be more interesting both to write and read your paper.
  • Select a topic relevant for your audience.
    Try to come up with subjects of discussion that other students are also concerned about. This way, you’ll be more likely to reach out to your readers and persuade them in your ideas.

Now that you’ve learned more about suitable topics for a Rogerian essay, it’ll be much easier for you to come up with an interesting idea for your own paper.