Outstanding rhetorical analysis topics for essay

Picking a topic that can earn you great points is not very easy. At times, a student may select a good topic but when it comes to defending it, he or she lacks the points. As a student, you may be asked to compose a rhetorical analysis essay topics by your lecturer. You have to make sure you score a top grade because the marks you will eventually earn will contribute to your final performance. To be the best, you must learn the key features of an effective topic.
Good rhetorical analysis essay topics should display the following characteristics:

  • It should be long enough: The acceptable length of any topic should be between thirteen and twenty words. Some writers go beyond this and their work become obsolete. Before you start crafting the essay, make sure your topic is within this range.
  • Interesting: This is a great feature that everybody must consider. In order to make it interesting, you should make sure you employ the best vocabulary and make the content precise and brief.
  • Original: As far as you want the rest of the content to be original, you have to ensure that even the topic is not plagiarized. This will tell the reader that you have formulated it yourself and it is not directly copied from another source.

Below are good rhetorical analysis topics that one can pick:

  1. A rhetorical analysis on Allen Poe’s greatest work of art: The Raven.
  2. Rhetorical analysis on the prize winning William Shakespeare’s monologue
  3. The great rhetorical analysis of Pearl Harbor, the talk given by the character Franklin Roosevelt’s
  4. Writing a paper on a moving poem you have read from a great world class poet of all times
  5. William Wallace’s speech that was given to his servants in the book, Brave Heart
  6. “I have been to the Mountain top”: A speech given by one of the famous people, Martin Luther King.
  7. Writing rhetorical paper on the most outstanding Prime Minister’s inaugural speech
  8. A prize speech delivered on the awarding of the Nobel Prize
  9. Jonathan Edward’s sermon that moved people in his days
  10. Analysis of “I am not a crook” A speech given by Richard Nixon.