Clever Tips to Help You Write a Good Persuasive Essay

You’re going to see the persuasive essay writing assignment throughout your academic career. It’s basically a form of writing that asks you to present an argument and provide supporting evidence and examples with the goal of making a convincing case for your opinion on a particular issue. It comes easier to some more than others, but with the right tools and plenty of practice you should be able to compose an excellent persuasive essay in no time. Here are some clever tips to help you get started:

Tip #1 Don’t Make the Essay Topic Too Difficult

There is no need to try and impress your instructor by choosing a difficult essay topic. Select something that you find interesting but is still original. These are essentially the only two requirements you should be meeting, so don’t try to research and write on something that is too broad or too narrow. Save yourself the time and energy.

Tip #2 Research Your Material before Writing

Before you draft a thesis statement, it’s a good idea to do some background research. This shouldn’t take you very long; spending 30 minutes or so online searching for your issues related to your topic and familiarizing yourself with some key terms will help you gain a better hold of your persuasive essay topic.

Tip #3 Start Your In-Depth Academic Research

Now that you have some direction by having drafted a thesis statement, you can start your in-depth academic research in earnest. Do this level of research at the school library. There you will have access to credible resources from government and academic agencies or organizations.

Tip #4 Create an Outline and First Draft

Gather your research notes and arrange them into related discussion topics. Take the best ones and use those to create your outline. Keep your outline next to you as you write your first draft. When you are writing the first draft, don’t stop to make corrections or try to get the words down perfectly. Write quickly and efficiently.

Tip #5 Revise, Edit and Proofread Your Essay

Before submitting your paper you should always revise, edit and proofread it. Do these separately. Revise to make your argument more cohesive and logical. Edit for clear and concise sentence structures and word choice. And finally, proofread for errors to grammar, spelling, and punctuation.