Compelling editorial essay topics for high school

You may have wanted to craft an outstanding essay but encountered a problem in choosing the best topic. You do not have to give up. Editorial essays are one of the best and if you do enough research, you will definitely compose the best paper. These come in different in different categories ranging from the current events to the historical events that took place back in time.

How to choose an editorial topic

Although many people think that they can easily select a topic and come up with winning content from it, the truth of the fact is that, you need first to learn how this is done and thereafter, you can perfectly do it. Most of those who ignore this fact normally end up with poor content that cause then to fail. If you want to maintain a good trend in your editorial essay, use the following tips when selecting g a topic to write about.

  • Mind grabbing topic: You do not have to look for a funny topic in order to know that it is interesting. All you need to do is to make sure that the words that have been used are easy to understand but are unique.
  • Brevity and preciseness: These two are great characteristics of a good topic. Therefore, in case there are any topics on the list with a range of thirteen to twenty words, simply choose them if all the other features are correct.
  • No repetition: A topic with repetition is normally poorly written and should not be considered. Make sure everything is well written in order to improve its quality. It should also be original.

Thought-provoking topics you can choose for your writing

Just as the name suggests, these are topics that normally involve thinking and therefore, whenever they are mentioned, people start to look for answers. Therefore, if you have interest in such topics, you should not hesitate as these have been listed for you. All you need to do is to pick any from the list and craft content.

  1. How does the Bible creation theory differ with science? Which of the two is more reliable?
  2. Is it true that most people are turning violent as compared to the past times?
  3. Do all people who get great wealth usually have peace in their hearts?
  4. Is it necessary for people to complain whenever a small mistake has been done?
  5. Do thieves have a right to justify their actions? Should pastors marry more than one wife?
  6. Are child beauty pageants good to be attended by everyone?
  7. Do you think war on the world’s deadliest terrorist attacks will ever end?
  8. Where do you get your food from?

Topics from the important past events

In this case, topics are sourced from the important events that took place in the past. Most of them are related to people who gave the greatest contribution of their lives to promote or destroy those of others. Therefore, these people are internationally recognized. Examples of such editorial topics have been listed below:

  1. What are the major memories related to the Boston Party?
  2. The great bombing by Osama Bin Laden to the American people.
  3. The capture of the world’s deadliest terrorist.
  4. How the slaves were mistreated by the European people back in the 18th century.
  5. How did the black American people end up in their current country?